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  • Where are you from?
    I was born in the heart of the Ruhr area - so the pot speaks for me. I think that's why I also have my very cosmopolitan way, here we are on first terms with each other and work together to achieve our individual goals. ​🙊​🧡_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6p673b_
  • How are the pictures sent to us?
    You will receive access to your very personal online gallery via e-mail or WhatsApp - you can of course share this with friends and family, download individual catalogs or the entire catalogue.Everything can be conveniently done on your smartphone: with an app. 🥰​ There is also the option of ordering photo products from the shop.
  • How many pictures do we/I get?
    This is individual and depends on the package and/or shooting booked. For a 90-minute shoot, that's usually around 7-10 pictures. For weddings, I release all edited images, i.e. all that meet my quality standards. But you always have the option to upgrade your package after a shoot. It's easy to do in your online gallery - so don't worry if you like more than 7 pictures. ​🙊​🧡_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6p673b_
  • When do we get our photos?
    Good photos take time, patience and attention to detail. 🌙​ Depending on the order and the amount of pictures, it takes between 4-6 weeks for weddings until you finally have all the pictures. With smaller shootings, the processing is of course completed much faster. Either way - you always get small insights during the editing. ​​​​🧡
  • What's your photography style?
    Emotions are my visual language. 🥰​ My image style is above all very warm and moody, as I like to say. But emotions come first. Capturing people and emotions in their authenticity. My pictures are usually very warm and should give you a warm feeling in your heart when you look at them. But I also think black and white is very characteristic in some situations. My Instagram reflects the style very well.
  • What do I have to consider when choosing clothes?
    The most important thing is that YOU feel comfortable in it. So by all means wear something that doesn't pinch and in which you feel safe and comfortable - that's exactly what you radiate and you can see that in the pictures at the end. The only tip I like to give is not to choose too bright colors and make sure that the colors harmonize with each other, especially in group shootings. I recommend muted tones. What always works are earthy/sandy tones. 🧡
  • Do I need to have experience in front of the camera?
    No. Absolutely not, whether it's your first time in front of a camera or you're already an old hand, I'll make sure that you relax and we have a good time together. 🧡​ There will be a lot of funny sayings, you can be silly and because music relaxes everyone, it is also part of my shooting if necessary. You are also welcome to express music requests! ​​🌝​
  • Where does the shooting take place?
    Since I like it more free and personal, there will be no shootings in the studio for the time being. I mainly take photos outdoors or at your home, because home stories (especially with families) can also be very beautiful and, above all, intimate. We'll discuss the location for our outdoor shooting together, I'm happy to adapt to your wishes, if you prefer. ​​🧡​
  • How do you work at our wedding?
    As a wedding photographer, it is important to me that I capture your wedding as real and authentic as it was! My goal is to end up giving you authentic memories of your big day that will stay with you forever. Moments for eternity! For this reason, I stay in the background on your wedding day as far as possible and capture all the big and small goosebump moments for you inconspicuously and unadulterated. I have specialized in the reportage style and therefore only accompany weddings from 8 hours. You can spontaneously book extra hours with me - I'm not going home until you say so! 🥰​
  • Wie viel kostet eine Hochzeitsreportage bei dir?
    Da Hochzeiten so individuell sind wie ihr und jede Hochzeitsreportage ein Unikat ist, erstelle ich euch ein kostenfreies, auf euch zugeschnittenes Angebot. Buchbar bin ich bei Hochzeitsreportagen ab 8 Stunden, was jedoch nach obenhin anpassbar ist - ganz wie ihr es benötigt! Ich gehe erst Heim, wenn ihr das wünscht. Daher besprechen wir entweder per Mail und später auch in einem persönlichem Gespräch alle wichtigen Details, inklusive Beratung und Tipps meinerseits. 🧡
  • What other service do you offer?
    I myself attach great importance to the fact that we get along well as people. 🧡 That also means that we are on the same wavelength. Therefore, in addition to the wedding accompaniment, no bridal couple conversation should be missing.There I will advise you in detail on all important points and you can of course ask any questions you have.After your day, I view and select your pictures, edit the resulting material and you will receive everything in a high-quality and password-protected online gallery. ​​​
  • Can I book you for my wedding for less than 8 hours?
    Unfortunately no. I've specialized in the reportage style, so I only accompany weddings from 8 hours. I only make exceptions for civil weddings, but these are in contrast to wedding reports without a bridal couple shooting. You can of course book this as an option if you wish.
  • Do you also photograph wedding proposals?
    Of course! 🧡​ There is hardly a moment more memorable than the proposal (except of course the wedding itself). It's even nicer when you have pictures of it. We can also plan together and make sure that this is your very unique moment, captured for eternity.
  • How does a destination wedding work?
    Even if I am based as a wedding photographer in Oberhausen, it is also possible to book me outside of that. I also travel to all other places and even to the ends of the world if you want that. ​​🧡​​​🌎_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239- 9149-20813d6c673b_🌙 Destination weddings are billed the same as domestic weddings, except for airfare, hotel accommodation, car rental and one lost day for travel to and from the destination. I will charge you for my travel costs 1:1 as they were incurred for me.
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